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Join The Team Plitz

We are not a big corporation, but we are sure you will enjoy being part of our team. We are building a family that speaks the same language.

The team is growing, and we need your help!

It was a long time ago the last time we updated our portfolio, and that is because we are busy working with our clients. We need you in our team!

Plitz office is in Northport, NY, and if you are close to us, send us your resume.

We know there are thousands of good web designers and developers around the world, but we prefer local brains and work with our team in person.

Current Openings

WordPress Junior

• Finish up projects after the prototype it’s built in WordPress.
• Create the rest of page according to approved design.
• Maintenace service and minor web improvements when it’s necessary.


Negotiable according experience.

Accounts Managers

• Sale products and services.
• Manage your clients with all their services.
• Keep engagement with your the clients.

Comisions up to %25

Negotiable according experience.
Bonus according to Sales Goals.

Resellers Options

Do you want to have your own business or you have been unemployed for a long time? There is a reason why things happen. Start your own Web and Design business under your own terms. You get the clients and we will work for you under your company name…yes, that’s the name, white label service.

Future Openings

We are working on expand our services, soon we will hire for the next positions.

Graphic Designer

We are expanding to printing services, soon we will need Graphic Designers to create pieces for printing purpose.

Social Media Experts

Our eMarketing services is so good that more people is requiring our services, so we will need soon a Social Media lover with experience in graphics.

CSS and PHP experts

All our websites are customized for our clients, we don’t use templates, that is why we will need soon a CSS developer with at least basic experience in PHP.

Who will be a good prospect for the Team Plitz?

First of all, we are looking for people to work with us in our place, of course, you have to live on Long Island, even if you want to work only part-time. The only people we accept from anywhere are resellers.

We are looking to build a team, people that will grow with us and are ready to learn. No matter if you want to work full-time, part-time, or by the project.

We are a Christian company, so you should know that our environment is all about Christ and we learned how to handle business in a Godly way, we learned to work for what our work is worth and at the same time offer fair prices to our clients.

Hablas Español? Va a ser un gusto tenerte en neustro equipo, ya que queremos expandir más al mercado hispano. La mentalidad del hispano es “no importa si está feo, pero que sea barato” y queremos que eso cambie en Long Island.

Small business
Graphic designer work
Web developer

Perks & Benefits for the Team Plitz

What will Plitz give you apart of your salary?
Well, we want you to enjoy being part of the Team Plitz. Therefore there are some other benefits you will get when you become part of the team.

Hours Flexibility

We don’t think schedules were created for Designers and Developers, so we are not crazy with schedules, you create your own working hours.

Targeted Bonus Program

We don’t push, but we like to compensate those that run the extra mile.

Competitive Salary and Commision %

We think the best way to build a good team is to grow together, and create loyalty, and we know that part of building loyalty is care about each others needs, dreams and goals.

Meals, Snacks and Bites

As developers and designers, we always need to have something to munch, don’t worry, we will stack the kitchen for you.

Work by salary, commision or project

To work by commission is for sales team only, and work by project is for part time web designers and developers. We will discuss on interview.

Trips and Hang Outs

In Christianity we learn that fellowship it’s important. Our team it’s meant to grow as a family, we will change the “I have to work there” to “I love to work there”.

Are you ready for Plitz?

Well, simple, fill the form below and send us your resume on PDF.