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The Website and Digital Marketing in Northport, New York for Small and Med-Size Businesses

Plitz Corporation is a digital marketing firm located in Northport, New York. We have been designing stunning websites, creating branding and promoting businesses for more than 15 years.

One of our primary focus at Plitz is to provide services that are crafted, adjusted and executed according to our client’s needs, products, and services, following the current trends of design and following the main requirements from Google to ensure web and business indexing.

Plitz is growing, and after being just a web company, now we have upgraded to become a marketing agency to create strategies that will help business owners to thrive with the right digital strategy.

Very often, when a business owner see Plitz Corporation’s work, they hesitate in working with us because they think their marketing budget won’t be enough. Some of our prospects don’t even have a marketing budget. They think that because of the quality of our work our prices are high, or they think that because their budget is small we will do a bad job for them. But don’t be shy, contact us, you will see our products will bring you a return of your investment in a short term with a fair price.

Why Plitz, having the professional experience, doesn’t overprice products and services, even when we use the best technologies and is in constant learning of the current trends on the internet algorithms? Because our business is based on Christian principles, and because at Plitz, we believe that if your business is doing well, we will do well together.

The marketing and sales area is often neglected by small business owners, when is the base to grow and spread the word about your products and services. At Plitz, we want to let you know, you are not alone anymore, and our packages have been created to fill that void, without sacrificing your bank account.

Plitz Corporation Mission

At Plitz Corporation, we are committed to creating professional websites. Our websites will stand out, making your business the best option for your clients.

But how your clients and prospects are suppose to know? In combination with our unique sites, our marketing strategies will make sure your prospects will find you when they need you.

Plitz promises to give you a service you will love!

Plitz Corporation Vision

Our vision is to become the marketing firm that will make of the internet, a better place for small and mid-size businesses, by educating and working with theem about the significance and importance of haven a online presence and reputation.

At Plitz Corporation, we want to be known as the team that is helping business owners to keep being the best local option for every person in need of their services and products.

Let’s show your city, you are great!

How the magic happens?

Plitz Corporation Process

Project Research

We research about your business and industry to ensure the message is transmitted properly. Plitz Corporation strategy will be created based on the results.

Prototype and Design

Your online presence and positioning starts now, while Plitz Corporation is prototyping your new site, we will start preparing the prospects with a expectation campaign.

New Website Or Redesign Launch

After your website is done, Plitz Corporation will launch your new website, promote it and announce your new way to connect digitally, using different channels and SEO.

Capture & Engage

Plitz Corporation strategies are created to promote your site, capture data of visitors and clients, and engage with them. Success starts when you start getting five stars revisions.

WHo We Are

Our Team

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Megan Pleitez


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