Welcome to Plitz Corporation

We are a small creative agency, doing business for great businesses like yours. Even when we are a small team, we are doing the work for business in United States in-house, meaning, we don’t outsource our work, every website, every SEO execution, every digital marketing strategy, every post on social networks, is done by ourselves.

Plitz Corporation, more than a web company

The local creative and web agency in Hauppauge, New York.

Plitz Corporation is a creative agency and web design company located in Hauppauge, New York. We have been designing stunning websites, creating branding and promoting businesses, for more than 15 years as freelancers; then, Plitz was founded in April 2016 by Norman and Megan Pleitez as a way to show our clients our growth.

One of our primary focuses at Plitz is to provide services that are crafted, adjusted and executed according to our client’s needs, products, and services, following the current trends of design and following the main requirements from search engines algorithms to ensure web and businesses online presence. We are not limited by any industry or business model, we don’t use templates or pre-designed tools.

Plitz is continually growing, and after starting as just a web company, now we have upgraded into a creative agency by adding more services that will help your business have all marketing and design solutions in one place.

Very often, when a business owner sees Plitz Corporation’s work, they hesitate in working with us because they think their marketing budget won’t be enough. Some of our prospects don’t even have a marketing budget. They think that because of the quality of our work our prices are steep and they won’t be able to work with us and they give up. They then go with freelancers that are not on the same level their business needs, or go with companies that are selling cheap services because they outsource, losing the personal touch and communication. Don’t be shy, contact us, you will see our products will bring you a return of your investment in a short time, because is not just about what you pay, it is what you get in return after the work is done.

Why Plitz, having the professional experience, doesn’t overprice products and services? Even when we use the best technologies and are constantly attentive to the current trends and algorithm changes on the internet. First of all, our business is based on Christian principles. At Plitz, we believe that if your business is doing well, we will do well together.

The marketing and sales area is often neglected by small business owners, when that is the base to grow and spread the word about your products and services. At Plitz, we want to let you know that we offer packages have been created to fill that void.

Plitz Corporation Mission

Our mission is to upgrade the online presence of all businesses on Long Island, to grow their online reputation, and help them to evolve as they are growing.

Our strategies will be adapted according to your business, your industry, and your need, making sure that every client succeed and their investment is worthwhile.

Plitz promises to give you a service you will love!

Plitz Corporation Vision

Our vision is to become the number one creative agency for all businesses in New York.

To evolve every business on Long Island, by incorporating them to the digital era, moving businesses to functional and easy to use tools to reach out to the consumer.

Become the number one option for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO and any person with digital marketing needs in all New York.

How the magic happens?

Plitz Corporation Process

How do we start new websites? We create, then proceed to the promotion of it, because at the end, your website is useless if it can’t be found.

Project Research

We research about your business and industry to ensure we know what we are doing for you. Plitz Corporation strategy will be adapted based on the results.

Prototyping and Expectation

Your online presence and positioning starts now, while Plitz Corporation is prototyping your new site, we will start preparing the prospects with an expectation campaign.

New Website Or Redesign

When a website prototype is approved the development process starts, creating the customized and unique website for your company. This is applied to new websites or existing websites re-design.

Launching and Promotion

If you get our digital marketing services, we will spread the word in all possible channels of your industry about your new face. Your online presence will start to expand.

Capture & Engage

Plitz Artifical Intelligence has been created to automatically interact, capture data of visitors and clients, and engage with them. Success starts when you start getting five stars revisions.

Who We Are

Our Team

We are a team working from our office at 742 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788. We don’t outsource, we do it all for you ourselves. We are consumers of your products too, we use your services sometimes, because we are local, we are in the United States so we understand how to run a business here. We got you!

Megan Pleitez

Megan Pleitez

CEO & Co-Founder

The heart of the company .

Norman Pleitez

Norman Pleitez

Creativity & Co-Founder

The one with the strategies

Verónica Alvero

Verónica Alvero

Accounts Manager

The connection with the clients

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